Research published by the Center for Corporate Equality (CCE), a Washington, D.C. research organization, reveals that the number of OFCCP audits resulting in a conciliation agreement has risen sharply under the Obama administration.

CCE compiled information from the Labor Department’s enforcement database as well as documents obtained through Freedom of Information.  Their research revealed that, during the Bush administration, only approximately 8 percent of all OFCCP audits ended in a conciliation agreement.  By contrast, the average during the Obama administration so far is close to 21 percent.  Findings of discrimination overall did not increase significantly during this period.  Between 2004 and 2008, the second term of Bush’s administration, 1.58 percent of all compliance evaluations resulted in a finding of discrimination, compared to 2.27 percent under the Obama administration so far—a rise of just 0.7 percent.