On March 30, 2023, outgoing OFCCP Director Jenny R. Yang confirmed what we had reported here – she will be leaving the agency. Effective April 3, 2023, Director Yang will begin serving as Deputy Assistant to the President for Racial Justice and Equity.  In her farewell announcement to “OFCCP Stakeholders” she shared that Deputy Director Michele Hodge will serve as Acting Director of OFCCP.

According to Deputy Director Hodge’s biography, she is presently responsible for implementing OFCCP’s “operational and enforcement goals, manag[ing] OFCCP’s budget, and oversee[ing] all human capital decision making.” Deputy Director Hodge has served in several roles at OFCCP, including as Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Deputy Regional Director for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions, and District Director and Compliance Officer in the New Jersey District Office.