The Department of Labor announced that Goodwill Industries, best known for their donation centers and retail stores, has agreed to settle allegations of systemic discrimination stemming from Goodwill’s selection practices.  OFCCP found that Goodwill of Southern California’s hiring practices favored female applicants for entry-level positions as attendants at local donation centers due to a perception that women are better at customer service.  OFCCP’s investigation concluded that 200 qualified men were denied the opportunity to receive offers of employment.

Reminding contractors that discrimination can run both ways, OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu commented, “Sex discrimination in the workplace can take many forms, and we are committed to fighting all of them.  That means getting away from outdated notions about what constitutes ‘men’s work’ and what constitutes ‘women’s work.’”  Under the conciliation agreement, Goodwill will pay $130,970 in back wages and, as openings occur, make 18 job offers to qualified male applicants who were not previously offered positions.