Any illusions that OFCCP would disappear during the Trump Administration should have already been put to rest with the nearly non-stop activity of the agency since 2017.  But to the extent there was any remaining doubt, a recent report about the monetary recoveries secured by the agency should put that to rest.

As OFCCP announced, in the recently completed fiscal year, the agency set a new record for monetary recoveries:  over $40 million, obliterating its prior record of $24 million in FY17.  This haul came primarily through settlement agreements with government contractors to resolve allegations of pay and hiring discrimination.

OFCCP may appear to be a more contractor-friendly agency than it was during the Obama Administration due to its initiatives aimed at increasing transparency and fairness, but that should not lull contractors into a false sense of complacency.  The agency has also made significant changes to the way it does business, making it more effective and expanding its reach.

Government contractors that continue to ignore their OFCCP compliance obligations hoping they will not be audited are playing a game where the odds of losing have increased dramatically, as have the financial and public relations consequences.  All government contractors should review their practices and policies to ensure compliance, and consult with experts to ensure they are aware of the latest developments and enforcement trends in order to avoid being part of OFCCP’s recovery tally for FY20.